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On stage: "TRAUMA":

- WORLD PREMIERE on 07.02.2018 at „Maison de Métallos“ Paris,
Directors: Alexandra Lacroix & Andreas Westphalen
with Guillermina Celedon und Julie Dumas
Translation: Isabelle Lotz-Similé

- next stagings of „Trauma“:
Sofia (BG), Katowice (PL), Lyon (FR).

- "Trauma" stage readings up to now:
Berlin, Katona Josef Budapest, Maison de Métallos Paris, Deutsches Theater Almaty, Varna Summer Theatre Festival and Lyon Festival "Sens interdits".

- Translations of "Trauma" up to now:
english, spanish, french, bulgarian, russian, polish.

- "Trauma" is represented by
Colombine Teaterförlag Stockholm
Mrs Berit Gullberg


On stage: "NORDOST"

the theatre play „Nordost“ was up to now staged 49 times,
in 22 coutries and translated in 15 languages.

The next Premiere of „Nordost“ will be:
at the BITEF Theatre Belgrad (Staging Nr. 50)
End of march 2018

„Nordost“ is currently on stage in:

- "Theatre Nikolaj Binew" in Sofia, Bulgarien (since 2010)

- "Theatre Artishok" in Almaty, Kazachstan (since 2012)

- "Teatr Boto" in Sopot, Poland (since 2013)

- and on tour in the Netherlands (since 2017)

- "Nordost" is represented by
Theaterverlag Henschel Schauspiel Berlin
Mrs Maria Tragelehn


Please email to Torsten Buchsteiner:
info (at)

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